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KLIENDIHALDUR, SCANDISTAFF LIMITED, muu, kuulutus 81206844 - Kuldne Börs
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ID: 81206844, muudetud 01:00 09.08.2017
What does your workday look like?
You get to work at nine in the morning and sit down at your workplace with a smoking hot
cup of espresso in the modern office that offers an inspiring view. Together with your
colleagues are you answering questions, solve problems and tell the customers about the
latest offers via email chat and phone.
Your task is to make customers feel comfortable, safe and happy. You promptly respond to
their requests and monitor incoming cases from customers via email. You care for the
company's good reputation and ensure that customers are satisfied with the response. If you
are passionate about making your customers feel comfortable, is a nice future awaiting you
for. The management hopes to hear about your opinions and views from customers, whom
you report to weekly based on your observations.
Even if you are going to work with Estonian customers, it is highly appreciated if you master
more languages. Then the phone isn’t ringing, you renew credit cards, review current
interest rates on the loans, and review the status of outstanding invoices.

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  1. 49 990.-

    BMW X5 2014

    BMW X5 2014

    322 kW 3.0 R6

  2. 9600.-

    VW Caravelle 2006

    VW Caravelle 2006

    128 kW 2.5

  3. 13 000.-

    Bella 572c 2006

    Bella 572c 2006

    90 kW 2.0

  4. 6999.-

    VW Phaeton 2004

    VW Phaeton 2004

    275 kW 5.0 V10

  5. 138 000.-

    MB 190 1955

    MB 190 1955

    77 kW 1.9 R4 Weber

  6. 18 000.-

    Oksjon Audi A6 2013

    Audi A6 2013

    150 kW 2.8 FSI

  7. 1950.-

    Oksjon Peugeot 407 2006

    Peugeot 407 2006

    100 kW 2.0

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