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DATA ANALYST - CUSTOMER SUCCESS, RAKUTEN FITS ME, muu, kuulutus 81214716 - Kuldne Börs
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ID: 81214716, muudetud 01:00 09.09.2017
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Unique body shapes are to be celebrated. However inconsistent clothing sizes and complicated online sizing charts make it difficult for many people to find great fitting clothes, which leads to high returns and unhappy customers. Rakuten Fits Me works with eCommerce apparel retailers to take the guesswork out of sizing, giving online shoppers the confidence to buy, love and keep garments that fit and flatter their body shape.
At Rakuten Fits Me we are all about "Me" fashion, not mass fashion. We are the only size and fit solution provider to align your product data with shopper body data so they get the perfect fit, first time, every time.

Our new DATA ANALYST will form part of the Customer Success team at Rakuten Fits Me. The role will involve analysing customer data for our clients, monitoring the impact of Rakuten Fits Me’s tools on client websites and advising both internal teams and clients on what can be learned from the data.

The Role:
-> Compiling data from client’s web analytics packages, Rakuten Fits Me’s databases and other ad-hoc sources, the Data Analyst is required to produce regular agreed reports for clients, providing insights and recommendations where applicable that include but is not limited to Returns analysis, monthly tool reporting and Garment testing analysis.
-> Delivery of analytical reporting directly to clients.
-> Work with the Customer Success team to identify opportunities within existing clients and provide support through the mining of relevant data.
-> Maintain Rakuten Fits Me’s internal KPI records and reporting.
-> Educate internal and external stakeholders on methodologies and data integrity.
-> Identification of long-term trends within the large data sets to assist the marketing and sales functions where required.

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DATA ANALYST - CUSTOMER SUCCESS, RAKUTEN FITS ME, muu, kuulutus 81214716 - Kuldne Börs
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