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My name is Tony. With my wife Rebecca, we are the owners of a luxurious guest house in the english countryside. Rebeca and I have been married for a long time and ou marriage couldn't be any happier.During the day, I have to go to my office to take care of business while Rebecca is in charge of our customers' well being. Knowing her, I know for a fact that she does everything to make them feel at home. When this cute french couple asks her to bring them sandwiches in their room, she can't refuse. She certainly wasn't expecting to find them in such an indecent posture or that they would ask her to join their little sex games.After our last guests left, since we didn't expect anyonebefore the next day, I offered her to spend the evening at a nice restaurant. Both our agenda being so full all the time, she jumped on the opportunity. Unfortunately, I had to cancel at the last minute but I know that with her cheerful personality, she would manage to have fun without me. When she came back, she told me she had met with two old friends with whom she had had a pretty good time. I really have the feeling that I'm not taking care of her the way I should and I wouldn't want her to go with other men. From what I heard, the two young gardeners I hired to look after our property had some inapropriate words about Rebecca but she assured me she managed to snub them and calm them down.I have to admit I haven't been very honest with her lately. I knew from the beginning that she had a very high libido and that she loved sex a lot. Taking a few steps back, setting up these surveillance cameras all over the house might have been the best idea I've ever had. Without them, I would've never known that Rebecca was a true nymphomaniac who took every opportunity to cheat on me. The only one she Rebecca hasn't fucked is Luke, my driver... until now that is.I must say that watching her fuck other men or women on tape really turned me on. Now that the situation is clear between us and since she suggested it, I know she won't mind me relaxing with Nikita, the pretty french and Sienna, our governess.
Casting : Rebecca More, Nikita Bellucci, Sienna Day
Director: Liselle BaileyRuntime: 118minYear: 2016


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