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FUNFACTORY - DARLING DEVIL - PUNANE, müük, kuulutus 81495800 - Kuldne Börs
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Vibraatorid ja dildod (1839)
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ID: 81495800, muudetud 13:00 01.12.2017
79,90 € (sisaldab km)

Darling Devil - Kuratlikult võimas vibraatorTekstuuriga disainVõimsamaid patarei toitel vibraatoreid.Ühtlane võimsus4 kiirust & 6 vibratsioonimustrit.Sobib kasutamiseks taaslaetavate patareidega.Vaikne ja diskreetneValmistatud käsitööna ja disainitud SaksamaalVeekindel - lihtne puhastadaPikkus: 20.5cmDiameeter: 2.4-4cmVärv: PunaneTöötab: 2x AAA patareiga (pole kaasas)

Have a sinfully good time with the DARLING DEVIL! Part of our BATTERY+ line, this vibe features the strongest battery-operated motor out there, with a deep bass tone vibration that’s sure to satisfy. Designed for maximum freedom, the DARLING DEVIL uses smart charging technology to distinguish between standard or rechargeable batteries, while running equally well on both. You can even charge your rechargeable batteries inside the toy with the addition of the HYBRID KIT, for all of the convenience of a battery toy plus the eco-friendly benefits of a rechargeable vibe. In short, FUN FACTORY’s engineered have invented entirely new technology to bring you the best vibrator possible. 

Smart charging technology distinguishes between regular and rechargeable batteries
Deep, rumbling vibration
Use as soon as you get home!
About 1 hour continuous play on highest setting
Lock function for easy travel
Quiet & discreet
Intuitive button control
Easy on/off with FUN button
LED charge indicator light
Designed and handcrafted in Germany
Body-safe materials

POWERFUL, PURRING MOTORDARLING DEVIL gives you the kind of vibration you crave: deep, rumbling, and of course, strong! BATTERY+ toys feature the most powerful battery-operated motors on the market. Unlike most battery toys, it maintains the same level of vibration strength throughout its entire charge, for powerful FUN until the end!
ECO-FRIENDLY & CONVENIENTThis isn’t just a battery toy. DARLING DEVIL introduces new FUNFACTORY technology that lets you use either regular or rechargeable batteries more easily than ever before, making this toy more convenient, more eco-friendly, and compatible with any lifestyle. With purchase of the HYBRID KIT, you can charge your rechargeable batteries inside the toy, so you can get down to business faster when you want to play.
VERSATILE SHAPEPinpoint your most sensitive spots with targeted vibration from its silicone horns, or run its textured shaft along your skin. DARLING DEVIL is the perfect vibe for teasing!
WHENEVER YOU WANTSometimes you just want to have lots and lots of sex, and as much as we love rechargeable toys, having to stop and charge your favorite can really mess up your flow. DARLING DEVIL gives you the eco-friendly benefits of a rechargeable toy, with the option to steal the batteries from your remote if you need to buy some more time with your vibrator.
KEEP ON GIVINGWant a gift you can use together right away? As long as you have fresh batteries, this vibe is good to go!
DESIGNED FOR DISCRETIONNo need to leave this little devil out charging when you have company! Just toss it in a drawer and put in fresh (or freshly charged) batteries when you’re ready to play.
TWO YEAR WARRANTYMade with the same top quality materials and German engineering as all FUN FACTORY toys, DARLING DEVIL is the toy you want at the price you want. 

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FUNFACTORY - DARLING DEVIL - PUNANE, müük, kuulutus 81495800 - Kuldne Börs
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