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THE SHAKESPEARE CURSE (KATE STANLEY #2), müük, kuulutus 83463002 - Kuldne Börs
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ID: 83463002, muudetud 10:41 13.02.2020
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Autor(id): Jennifer Lee Carrell, Kirjastus: Sphere, Aasta: 2010, LK: 498, Seisukord: korralik raamat, Suurus: taskuformaadis, pehmete kaantega, Sisu: RAAMAT ASUB LAOS, SAADAVAL 3-5 PÄEVA JOOKSUL. Y001

Macbeth is a famously cursed play, fraught with gruesome violence and supernatural evil. Some of Kate Stanley's friends question her choosing to direct its production for the 400th anniversary of its first performance, but Kate's expertise in the little-known secrets and obscure mysteries of Shakespeare make her a natural. However, bizarre ritual objects begin to turn up at rehearsals, and it becomes clear someone is using the production to send a message in the form of very dark ancient magic. The cast is unnerved both by the gruesome pranks and the historical creepiness of this play, and consider abandoning the production. But a local young boy, the namesake of the 17th-century actor who first played the role of Lady Macbeth, is abducted, and the puzzling ransom notes make the boy's survival dependent upon making the play happen. As opening night approaches, Kate digs deep into the obscure and magical allusions in Macbeth, and draws on all her skill and knowledge of occult Shakespeare to decipher the ransom note riddles and save the kidnapped boy.

Original Title Haunt Me Still

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THE SHAKESPEARE CURSE (KATE STANLEY #2), müük, kuulutus 83463002 - Kuldne Börs
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