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IMPOSSIBLE, müük, kuulutus 83546428 - Kuldne Börs
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ID: 83546428, muudetud 07:36 13.03.2020
5 € (sisaldab km)

Autor(id): Danielle Steel, Kirjastus: Corgi, Aasta: 2006, LK: 427, Seisukord: kaaned kohati kulunud, Suurus: taskuformaadis, pehmete kaantega, Sisu: RAAMAT ASUB LAOS, SAADAVAL 3-5 PÄEVA JOOKSUL. Y003

When two hopelessly mismatched people share a love for art, a passion for each other and a city like Paris, nothing is truly impossible...or is it?

Sasha is a traditionalist - now widowed, she knows she was married to the most wonderful man in the world.Liam is an artist, half-in and half-out of a marriage that his own impossibly impulsive behaviour has helped tear apart. But while Sasha has been methodically building her father's Parisian art gallery into an intercontinental success story, Liam has been growing into one of the most original and striking young painters of his time. So while the two are utterly unalike, the miracle of art brings them together.

Sasha tries to keep Liam hidden from her grown children and well-heeled clientele as she commutes between New York and Paris.Liam tries to bring out the wild streak that Sasha barely knows she has. Then a family tragedy suddenly alters Liam's life, forcing a choice and a sacrifice that neither one of them could have expected.Giving up now might just be the most impossible thing of all...


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IMPOSSIBLE, müük, kuulutus 83546428 - Kuldne Börs
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